The research and technological developments conducted by Mason Engineering faculty have been recognized with a wide variety of patents. 

Patent Holder Title Date Dept.
Georgio Ascoli Method and apparatus for decision making in a neural model including semantic, episodic, and procedural memory components 4/2021 BENG
Kai Zeng Hardware Module-base Message Authentication in Intra-Vehicle Networks 6/30/20 ECE
Bijan Jabbari Label Switched Packet Transfer Device 1/30/17 ECE
Stephen Prior, Ken De Jong, & Jayshree Sarma Long-Term Host-Pathogen Interactions 1/12/16 CS
Anup Ghosh, Angelos Stavrou, Kun Sun, & Jiang Wang Hardware-Assisted Integrity Monitor 2/23/16 CS
Sushil Jajodia, Lingyu Wang, Steven Noel, & Anoop Singhal K-Zero Day Safety 4/26/16 CS/IT
Angelos Stavrou, Anup Ghosh, Sushil Jajodia, & Rhandi Martin Malware Detector 12/26/16 CS
Kenneth J. Hintz Cavity Anomaly Detection Device 04/19/16 ECE

Kenneth J. Hintz

Boyant Force Pump 03/10/15 ECE
Bijan Jabbari Label Switched Packet Transfer Device 03/14/15 ECE
Kenneth J. HIntz Cavity Detection 12/03/13 ECE

Anup Ghosh, Yih Huang, Arun Sood

Attach Resistant Continuous Network Service Trustworthiness Controller

10/28/13 CS

Mohammad Askar Asad, Nathalia Peixoto

Attention Assistance Device and Method

10/22/13 BIOE / ECE
Sushil Jajodia, Lingyu Wang, Anoop Singhal Interactive Analysis of Attach Graphs Using Relational Queries 10/22/13 CSIS
Krzysztof Gaj and Miaoqing Huang Scalable Montgomery Multiplication Architecture 04/30/13 ECE
Xinyuan Wany and Daniel Ramsbrock

Botmaster Traceback

04/30/13 CS
David Arsenault, Arun Sood, Yih Huang Data Alteration Prevention System 04/23/13 CS
Deapesh Misra Image Based Turning Test 02/26/13 ECE
Larry Kerschberg, Hanjo Jeong, Yong Ukk Song and Wooju Kim Case-based Framework for Collaborative Semantic Search 02/26/13 CS
Krzysztof Gaj and Miaoqing Huang Montgomery Multiplication Architecture 02/26/13 ECE
Harry Wechsler and Venkatesh Ramanathan Robust Human Authentication Using Holistic Anthropometric and Appearance-based Features and Boosting 02/19/13 CS
Nathalia Peixoto, Mohammad Asad, Sidney West Jr., David Grossman Attention Assistance and Monitoring 1/22/13 BIOE / ECE
James Corey Wright and Ken Hintz Syntactic Signal Recognizer and Pattern Recognizer 1/22/13 ECE
Arun Sood Cache Validating SCIT DNS Server 1/15/13 CS
Christopher Hintz and Ken Hintz Alkalinity Determination 01/08/13 ECE
Brian Mark, Shubhranshu Singh, Vamit Suri, Yong-Sung Roh, Young-Gon Choi Link Mobility Tracking and its Application to Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 12/18/12 ECE
Brian Mark, Shubhranshu Singh, Yong-Sung Roh, Young-Gon Choi, Jae-hoon Kim, Kyung-lim Kang, Jung-ho Kim Ad-hoc Network for Routing in Consideration of Mobility and Routing Method Thereof 12/18/12 ECE
Arun Sood, Yih Huang, David Arsenault Self-Cleaning Secure DNS Server 09/04/12 CS
Brian L. Mark and Ahmed Omar Nasif

Wireless Communications Using Frequency Agile Radio

08/21/12 ECE
Bijan Jabbari, Esmael Dinan, Rajiv Papneja

Label Switched Packet Transfer Device

07/03/12 ECE
Babak Jeddi

Methods and Device for Landing Aircraft

06/26/12 SEOR
Harry Wechsler, Fayin Li Face Authentication Using Recognition-By-Parts, Boosting, and Transduction 06/05/12 CS
Sushil Jajodia, Steven Noel Intrusion Event Correlation System 05/15/12 CSIS
Xinyuan Wang, Daniel Ramsbrock

Live Botmaster Trackback

05/08/12 CS
Xinyuan Wang, Songqing Chen Transparent Authentication of Continuous Data Streams 03/06/12 CS
Daniel Menasce, Ibrahim S. Abdullah


12/27/11 CS
Sushil Jajodia Protecting Sensitive Data Associations 12/20/11 CSIS
Harry Wechsler, Hung Lai and Venkatesh Ramanathan Recognition by Parts Using Adaptive and Robust Correlations Filter 12/06/11 CS
Harry Wechsler, Shen-Shyang Ho

Data Stream Change Detector

12/06/11 CS
Deapesh Misra Image Based Turing Test 09/13/11 ECE
Ravi Sandhu and Joon S. Park Secure Cookies 09/13/11 CS

Yonglai Tian, Rao V. Mulpuri, Siddharth G. Sundaresan, Albert V. Davydov

Microwave Heating for Semiconductor Nanostructure Fabrication

08/09/11 ECE
Qiliang Li, Dimitris E. Ioannou, Yang Yand, Xiaoxiao Shu

Nanowire Field Effect Junction Diode

08/02/11 ECE
Kenneth J. Hintz

Information Request Generator

08/02/11 ECE
Kenneth J. Hintz Egocentric Display 03/15/11 ECE
Sushil Jajodia, Steven E. Noel, Pramod Kalapa, Brian C. O'Berry, Michal A. Jacobs, Eric B. Robertson, Robert G. Weierbach Network attack modeling, analysis and response 03/08/11 CSIS
Kenneth J. Hintz

Multidimensional Sensor Data Analyzer

12/07/10 ECE
Polyak, Roman A., Griva, Igor, Ho, Shen-Shyang Classification Tool 11/23/10 SEOR
Xinyuan Wang, Shipinng Chen Interval Centroid Based Watermark Decoder 11/09/10 CS
Xinyuan Wang, Shiping Chen, Sushil Jajodia Packet Flow Side Channel 10/26/10 CS / CSIS
Edward J. Wegman and Yasmin H. Said Policy Analysis and Action Decision Tool 09/21/10 STAT
Earl Barrick, Kenneth Hintz System and Method for Automatic Shape Registration and Instrument Tracking 06/29/10 ECE
Steven Noel, Eric Robertson, Sushil Jajodia

Intrusion Event Correlator

06/08/10 CSIS
Sushil Jajodia, Huiping Guo, YingHiu Li

Fragile Watermarks

06/01/10 CSIS
Xinyuan Wang, Shiping Chen Interval Centroid Based Watermark 5/25/10 CS

Arun Sood, Yih Huang, David Arsenault

Single Use Server System 05/25/10 CS
Sushil Jajodia, Huiping Guo, YingHiu Li

Method and Apparatus for Watermarking Stream Data

05/18/10 CSIS
Kenneth J. Hintz Multidimensional Sensor Data Analyzer


Arun Sood, Yih Huang, David Arsenault

SCIT-DNS: Critical Infrastructure Protection Through Secure DNS Server Dynamic Updates

03/16/10 CS
Sushil Jajodia and Steve Noel

Attack Graph Aggregation

12/01/10 CSIS
Bijan Jabbari, Esmael Dinan, Rajiv Papneja

Label Switched Packet Transfer Base Station

11/10/09 ECE
Sushil Jajodia

Minimum-Cost Network Hardening

06/30/09 CSIS
Arun Sood

Self-Cleaning System

06/16/09 CS
Kenneth Hintz

Interative Closed-Loop Data Entry with real-Time Graphical Feedback

06/09/09 ECE
Harry Wechsler and Fayin Li

Open set recognition using transduction

02/17/09 CS

Kenneth J. Hintz

Systactic Target Classifier

06/03/08 ECE
Duminda Wijesekera

Implementing Security Policies in Software Development Tools

03/04/08 CS
Kenneth J. Hintz

Syntactic Landmine Detector

01/22/08 ECE

Ravi Sandhu and Joon S. Park

System and Apparatus for Storage and Transfer of Secure Data on Web

11/06/07 SEOR
Brian Mark and Alexe E. Leu

Cellular Network Handoff Decision Mechanism

05/15/07 ECE

Roman Polyak and Igor Griva

Constrained Optimization Tool

02/27/07 SEOR
Dimitris E. Ioannou

Double Gate OSI Ratioed Logic with Intrinsically on Symetric DG-MOSFET Load

02/20/07 ECE
Brian L. Mark

Cellular Network Handoff Modeling

02/20/07 ECE
Jim X. Chen

Image-based Clipping

01/30/07 ECE
Zoran Duric and Sushil Jajodia

Fingerprinting and Recognition of Data

10/24/06 CS / CSIS
Larry Kerschberg

Personalizable semantic taxonomy - based search agent

10/03/06 CS
Kenneth Hintz

Method and Apparatus of Measuring a Relative Utility for Each of Several Different Tasks Based on Identified System Goals

06/14/06 ECE
Bijan Jabbari

Wireless Label Switched Packet Transfer Network

06/13/06 ECE
Ken Hintz

Lexicon-based New Idea Detector

04/04/06 CS
Ravi Sandhu

System and Apparatus for Storage and Transfer of Secure Data on Web

01/10/06 CS
Harry Wechsler

Feature Based Classification - Face Recognition

11/30/04 CS

Kenneth J. Hintz

System and Method for Managing Sensors of a System

10/05/04 ECE
Harry Wechsler

Fractal Image Compression Using Quad-Q Learning

08/10/04 CS
Ravindra Athale

Integrated Electronic-Optoelectronic Devices and Method of Making the Same

06/24/03 ECE
Ravindra Athale

Optical Switching System

12/31/02 ECE
Jim X. Chen

Method and Apparatus for Generating a Straight Line

11/12/02 CS
Edward J. Wegman

Voice Controlled Immersive Virtual Reality System

09/10/02 STAT

James D. Palmer

Advanced Integrated Requirements Engineering System for CE-based Requirements Assessment

05/05/98 SEOR