F Berlin

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Instructor, Data Analytics Engineering, Volgenau

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F. Brett Berlin's passion for new value creation is built on over 40 years of professional experience innovating and advocating for innovators applying leading edge information solutions to mission challenges. He has served with outstanding teams in various roles, including: senior strategy executive, consultant and mentor; applied information and systems technologist; collaborative leader; computer scientist and public policy entrepreneur. 

His teaching focus spans emerging cyber-physical challenges/opportunities, global ICT & ethics. He also serves as a strategy advisor and mentor to public and private sector innovators and entrepreneurs, and as a public speaker (emerging challenges, innovation opportunity and ethics). HIs core interests include: public policy, high performance computing, emerging big data, health informatics and digital economy and governance challenges. 

In addition to teaching and mentoring, Berlin seeks new capstone engagements with high quality, core-value centered innovation teams -- collaborating to address societal and market challenges with cyber-physical and policy innovation. Specifically, sustainable solutions which can deliver at the intersection of innovative value creation, human aspiration, and strategic vision.