Avyuct brings clarity to data


Rajesh Aggarwal, adjunct professor of data analytics engineering in the College of Engineering and Computing at George Mason University, has always been fascinated by data.  

“I’ve been working with data science for a long time,” says Aggarwal. “I was working on data models on my own, and decided it was an opportunity to create a company around it.”  

Combining his data science training with AI and machine learning, Aggarwal started Avyuct in 2017. A Sanskrit word meaning ‘crystal clear' he says the tagline of Avyuct is exactly that—bringing crystal clear clarity to data. 

“At Avyuct we build models using data science techniques and work with small satellite coordination, object detection, and anomaly detection,” Aggarwal says. 

Anomaly detection---which tracks any unusual discrepancies in data—is used by a variety of industries, says Aggarwal. It’s a practical tool for targeting underlying issues within a product, concept, or project and it can be a key factor in avoiding problems and determining the best solutions. 

“Anomaly detection is used by pharmaceutical companies to detect defective pills, tech companies to detect security threats, manufacturing industries to detect machine defects…it’s also an important tool to incorporate in the area of data science,” he says. 

“Right now, we have a couple interesting projects,” Aggarwal says. “We are working to develop the coordination of small satellites for optimal data collection on the ground, and an anomaly detection model.”  

Avyuct started as a part-time venture for Aggarwal, as he explored through data concept models in his spare time. Today, the company has grown to include full- time employees, and when space and time allows, interns.

Aggarwal plans to recruit interns during summer 2022 at Avyuct. Those interested in the opportunity can check any open positions on the Mason career portal. 

For more information on Avyuct, visit https://avyuct.com