Current Student Forms and Applications

Undergraduate student forms

EIT Paperwork

Degree verification - order an official transcript from the Registrar's office; when received, attach the unopened envelope to the paperwork you mail to DPOR.

Letter of Good Standing  - Complete and submit to; you will be notified when it is ready.

Extension of Termination from Major

This form is for CEC students who are subject to termination from their major after the current semester. This is a request to extend the Termination Review to a future semester.

Termination Extension Request Form 2020.pdf

Late Selective Withdrawal

For students that attempted to use a Selective Withdrawal by the deadline, but had a hold restricting them from making schedule adjustments. Students must provide verifiable documentation that they attempted the withdrawal by the deadline. Send email to to request form. Requests should be made in a timely fashion no later than one week after the Selective Withdrawal deadline. Be aware that any approved requests won’t be processed until the registration hold is removed.

Re-enrollment with less than 2.0 GPA

CEC students looking to re-enroll, but have less than a 2.0 GPA must fill out the Non-Suspension Success Plan, Academic Advisor Approval form as well as the Re-enrollment form. This is a CEC requirement even if the student was not suspended. Completed forms are to be submitted to the student's Academic Advisor first.

  1. Non-Suspension Student Success Plan 
  2. Non-Suspension Academic Advisor Approval form
  3. Re-enrollment form
  4. Meet with their Academic Department/Advisor
  5. Advisor submits completed forms to  

Registrar's Office Forms

Most commonly used forms:

Change/Declaration of Academic Program

Credit Overload Request

Study Elsewhere (Request to take course(s) at another institution)

FERPA Consent to Release Student Information

Leave of Absence (Form for all undergraduates who are planning a voluntary absence from Mason)

Re-enrollment Application (Form used to re-enroll after a leaving without submitting a Leave of Absence form)

Selective Withdrawal

Student Success Plan (Form used to document a plan for completing a repeated course successfully)

Graduation Forms

Substitution/Waiver Form

Request for a 3rd attempt of a College of Engineering and Computing course

A third attempt of a College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) course requires support by the student's major department as well as permission by the department offering the course. This permission is not guaranteed. Follow instructions to request a third attempt.

Complete Student Success Plan form with guidance from Academic Advisor.

Contact specific CEC department (CS, ECE, IT, etc.), which offers the course, to be informed of their process to receive the Student Success Plan.

Request for 4th attempt of a course

If the course needing to be repeated led to Termination from CEC the student must first appeal the Termination. (see Termination Appeal instructions)

If course did not lead to a Termination follow the steps below.

  1. Complete Student Success Plan form with guidance from Academic Advisor.
  2. Submit Student Success Plan to course unit (e.g. English Department) for approval.
  3. If approved the form goes to the student’s Academic Advisor.
  4. The Advisor submits the ‘Success Plan’ form to CEC Student Services for Dean’s approval.

If approved, CEC Student Services sends ‘Exception to AP.1.3.4’ form to Registrar for student to be given override to register for the course for a 4th and final time. 

Return from Suspension

To request their Registration Hold be removed, College of Engineering and Computing students who are eligible to return after having served the required suspension time must complete the following:

  1. Return from Suspension Student Success Plan (Included in Return from Suspension packet)
  2. Academic Advisor Approval form (Included in Return from Suspension packet)
  3. Meet with their Academic Department/Advisor
  4. Advisor submits completed Return from Suspension Packet to 

Study Elsewhere Request

Currently enrolled Mason students who wish to take courses at another regionally accredited U.S. institution must obtain advance written approval. This process permits a student to enroll elsewhere in a suitable course unavailable at Mason or through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Read policy AP.1.4.2 Permission to Study Elsewhere

Students must complete the Study Elsewhere Request Form and submit it to their Academic Advisor by the deadline. Student must provide a compelling reason why they cannot take the course at Mason. Often times documentation of the reason might be required.

To complete the form students should go to the Transfer Credit Matrix. This database contains courses that have been evaluated to offer transfer equivalency at the University, including all courses from the Virginia Community College System. Use this to look-up course equivalencies for transfer credit.

Suspension Override

College of Engineering and Computing students requesting to override their suspension due to non-academic, extraordinary circumstances that is verifiable with documentation. Follow attached instructions.

Suspension Override Instructions 

Termination Appeal

Instructions for students requesting to appeal their termination from CEC.

Termination Appeal Instructions-PDF.pdf

Third Party Letter Request Form

This form is for students that need a letter to be sent to a third party for various reasons. The form should be emailed to the CEC Student Services Office at

Third Party Letter Request form 

Withdrawal Request

College of Engineering and Computing students requesting a withdrawal from a course or all courses in a given semester due to a non-academic, extraordinary circumstance that is verifiable with documentation. Follow attached instructions.

Withdrawal packet (semester and partial).pdf 

Academic Status Request form.pdf  (if additional copies needed)

If you have questions about any of these forms, or the policies and procedures surrounding them, please contact the CEC Undergraduate Student Services office at or call 703-993-1511 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm